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Tangy Tomato Rice – An Easy and Healthy Lunchbox Recipe

I such as just how versatile this simple grain Rice could be in various types of foods globe over. From more exotic Sushi to Risotto to the straightforward curd rice from South India, this ancient grain has actually come a long means. And yes if you are currently burnt out with the time consuming & laborious food preparation approaches of your Risottos and also the Shahi Pulav these quickies will win you over by far.

Easy Way to Cook Vegetable Biryani

Biryani is a symphony of aromas, color and also appearance played by the numerous seasonings & condiments that goes right into making it. Although the origin of this spicy as well as decadent dish is from the land of Persia, the endless list of Indian variations will make you think the authority of India over Biryani. Kashmiri, Chettinadu, Coorgi, Calicut, Lucknow, Tihari, Dindigul Biryani … you name any kind of area of India and they have their very own unique Biryani to flaunt upon.

Tomato Baskets in Veggie Gravy

This unique tomato recipe in cauliflower gravy is fairly easy and quick to cook. As well as can be a fantastic event treat or to thrill those unique guests that like your food preparation.

Paneer Jalfrezi – An Exotic Indian Curry With Cottage Cheese

Paneer Jalfrezi is an exotic Indian curry with fantastic tastes of different aromatic seasonings as well as abundant nutty sauce, coupled with Kulchas – Indian level breads it is a royal reward. There are two methods a Jalfrezi dish can be prepared one is mix fry as well as the other is sauce design. I cooked the same sauce variation my mommy utilized to cook for our parties with coconut as well as cashew paste and combined it with Kulcha, a fascinating Indian flat breads.

Easy Vegan Corn Pudding

This Fresh Corn Dessert ought to be ideal enjoyed when cold and also offered in an earthen ware. The function to offer in earthen ware is to give the dessert a rustic feel as well as natural aroma. Next to these aspects it likewise aids in making the pudding enlarge faster by absorbing extra liquid from it. You can cook the pudding for a much fascinating version of the recipe.



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